Sam Smith vs I Wish I Were A Dinosaur and Chris Yonke – I’m Not The Only One (Remix Cover)

January 28, 2016 — Leave a comment

There’s a new I Wish I Were A Dinosaur remix up featuring Chris Yonke. I really love what Chris did with me on the outro of the song.


see when you’re running your mouth
it’s ruining my time
because you’re running a line might as well be a mime
cuz the canary in the mine
said your full of hot air
that’s the my just desserts
and it’s as american as apple pie
but it hurts
jackie kennedy
watching you own asses while i’m home asking
when am i gonna find my aristotle onassis
and i’m mad and i’m sad, but i’m glad
because fact is
you’re not good to your word, if he knew would he burn
and maybe a threesome, but not a silent third
to continue this charade is two syllables absurd
and i’m built to love one woman only
unitl her old hairs gray
and her gray hair’s old
and we keep each other warm
until we’re unwarmably cold
i’m not the only one
and i don’t know if you’ve won
but the fat lady’s sung
and we’re done, i’m only one
goodbye hun bite the bullet
it’s your gun
dot your i’s,
dot your j’s,
and put the t in cun
get it? there was love, now there’s none

you say i’m crazy
but when you call me baby
i know
i’m not the only one so i’m letting you go
we made vow, but now, it’s broke
i thought we’d walk the road
you’re going alone now
i’m not your home
cuz i know
i know
i know
i know